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XkyFire Top Ten

  1. Stability. Enterprise sensing hardware, with enterprise quality servers and software. Automatically backed-up, redundant server architecture and commercial grade messaging services.

    Stability and reliability

  2. Accuracy. Using Nano-second timing we are able to calculate to within +/- thirty feet the location of the most energetic portion of any cloud-ground lightning strike.

    +/- 30 foot accuracy

  3. Relevance. The XkyFire system filters away that 92-96% of lightning which is purely atmospheric, depicting only dangerous ground strikes. And alerts custom set for your facilities. A simple odds forecast for an entire region is no longer the benchmark in lightning safety.

    Lighting data specific to your location

  4. Real-Time XkyFire holds back nothing. The data is made available for you to see on a pannable and zoomable map that displays the most recent strikes within seconds on any internet browser.

    No time delays on data release

  5. Real-time alerting services. Alerts and Warnings for your specific operations are transmitted within seconds for any strike sensed within the alerting ring that you set the radius for.
  6. Always on. Access the map, and receive eMail and SMS text alerts directly to your hand held device or PC twenty-four hours a day, year round.

    Always on, always available, 24/7/365 (There is lightning year-round by the way ….)

  7. Team alerting. All commercial accounts allow you to have at least fifty people at a time in the service, all receiving the same alerts, at the same instant, and able to see the exact same map from any PC or mobile device.

    All critical staff will be able to receive alerts

  8. Economical. When compared to the cost of damaged equipment, or lost production time, XkyFire services tend to pay for themselves quickly.

    1/4 the cost of competing services

  9. Safety. Workers are alerted in time to take all necessary steps to ensure their own safety. Then, the decision to restart operations is now black and white.

    Ensure safe working environment for all outdoor employees

  10. XkyFire draws a line on the map, and either there is lightning on your side of it, or there is not. Range is no longer a guess. Likewise strike frequency, recency, and type. The subjective guessing game ends with the introduction of the XkyFire service.

    Black and white decision making

No other service currently available offers commercial users the capabilities the XkyFire service provides, or with such economy. You can finally stop watching the sky all the time …. XkyFire is already on duty whenever you need it.

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