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Commercial Lightning Protection

The original XkyFire Lightning Services product. The entire network was conceived out of a near-miss lightning strike against a rope-way operation. The question naturally arose the following day that asked how the response and preparation for such an event could have been handled better. Part of the answer revolved around better awareness of lightning. The …

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Lightning Safety for Events

Summer is here, and along with that, music-festivals, rodeos, running-races, track competitions, game weekends, county fairs and a hundred other fun outdoor activities. Weather has always impacted such gatherings and watching for lightning is one of the best indicators of the approach of severe weather. From afternoon thunderstorms to tornadoes and even hurricanes …. Lightning …

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Saturday Afternoon Soccer Games

Another nice June afternoon. 820 and a mixed-up sky full of puffy white clouds and tons of sunshine. The field is green, freshly cut and painted just this morning. Mini-vans and pick-ups are filling the parking lot and kids and parents are tumbling out of them and setting up lawn chairs and picnic blankets and …

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