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Where did the XkyFire Lightning Service come from?

The XkyFire network is operated by Lifeskill Rescue Services, a rope-way evacuation services company based in Banff, Alberta. The ropes turn very dependably decade after decade, but, a lightning strike nearby stopped one in August 2013, and the rescue team was on the mountain until after midnight helping to sort things out. The question naturally …

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XkyFire Lightning: How it Works

If you own an AM radio, you own a lightning sensor. Lightning either transmits a signal, or leaves a signature, depending on how you look at it (or when, rather). ¬†Associated with every lightning flash there is a low frequency radio signal, the creation of a momentary electrical field, generation of a magnetic field, and …

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XkyFire Top Ten

Stability. Enterprise sensing hardware, with enterprise quality servers and software. Automatically backed-up, redundant server architecture and commercial grade messaging services. Accuracy. Using Nano-second timing we are able to calculate to within +/- thirty feet the location of the most energetic portion of any cloud-ground lightning strike. Relevance. The XkyFire system filters away that 92-96% of …

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