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How close was that lightning, really?

Is it time to pause the game? Suspend operations?

When is it safe to resume?


There is a way to know exactly when and where the last lightning strike was… Even when the strike itself was obscured by buildings or terrain!


Subscribing with XkyFire, a real-time lightning detection service (no 15 minute delays!). Thanks to the proprietary network XkyFire has built, you can know exactly when and exactly where the last lightning strike occurred. This will allow you to act in time to make a difference, and waste no time in getting started again!

XkyFire (https://xkyfire.com) provides real time data about when and where lightning strikes are occurring.  This data is displayed on a pannable, zoomable map for those on one of XkyFire’s subscription plans.  The maps can be accessed from any mobile device with a web browser, which allows event organizers to see in real-time lightning that is occurring near, or approaching their facilities.


Whether it is football or soccer game, a rodeo arena, or a concert stadium … XkyFire will give you the fundamental situational awareness needed to make good decisions about public safety.


You will be able to demonstrate that due diligence necessary to people attending your event critical lightning information, giving them the opportunity to decide for themselves what steps are necessary to help themselves.


Conditions can change very quickly on stormy days … you will need a system that reacts just as quickly. A second to second alerting system combined with map data that refreshes automatically every thirty seconds provides you and your staff the situational awareness needed to keep everyone in attendance as safe as possible from one of mother nature’s most unpredictable phenomenon.


XkyFire Real-Time Lightning Detection and Alerting Services. It only takes ten minutes to set-up a new account and alerting site that will be instantly functional. Just don’t wait until the storm is overhead!