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Dual and Tri Alerting Sites

New account types for 2021. Dual- Alert-Site and Tri-Alert-Site accounts (DASA & TASA).

These are Commercial Premium XkyFire accounts designed for large scale industrial or wide area recreation operations. Airports, rail yards, port facilities, or aquatic operations around lakes and at coastal areas. The difference from the basic commercial premium accounts though is these add outer alerting rings. Approach, or Approach and Distant, that help provide earlier situational awareness to developing weather that may affect your operations.

With the Commercial Premium account, single site, you receive alerts and warnings for just one alerting area out to 50 KM (~30 miles).

With a Dual-Alerts-Site Account, you will receive alerts in an outer ring as thunderstorms begin tracking toward you. Then, at ranges you define, separate alerts are issued when lightning is occurring more closely, and Warnings when repeat strikes are observed inside that close ring within the last thirty minutes.

Dual-Alert-Site Account

With a Tri-Alert-Site account, that concept is taken one step further, allowing you to reach out to 100 KM distant (~60 miles) and maintain awareness of developing storms long before they get close to you. The progressive alerting service, distant, approach, and close, followed by warnings, provides excellent notice of the approach of severe weather.

Tri-Alert-Site map image

Whether using the basic Commercial Premium, the Dual-Alert-Site or Tri-Alert-Site accounts, you can stop watching the sky and focus on production operations again. XkyFire operates twenty-four hours a day, instantly transmitting alerts and warnings as required to you and your staff.

Intuitively, the XkyFire system is about worker safety, but protecting vulnerable equipment, and helping with clarity when the question about when it is safe to re-start are also major advantages XkyFire provides you. There is quite literally a line in the sand now, and there is either lighting on your side of it, or not. The question is no longer a guess, and odds forecasting  is no longer the benchmark for safety.

It only takes about ten minutes to create an account that will begin functioning immediately to help you protect your staff and facilities.