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Do you just need to see lightning activity in your region, or do you need to be able to see individual strikes that are adjacent to your people and facilities?

Golf Course operators, outdoor festivals and many others need to know exactly when lightning is nearby, and see precisely when it will affect them. And just as valuable as public safety readiness is understanding when it is safe to resume normal operations again safely. With XkyFire RealTime Lightning you get the precise information you need to make good judgements about operations.

Money Saving

What does it cost to suspend operations for an hour?

What is the seasonal cost of suspending operations for an hour every day? With XkyFire RealTime Lightning Services you will be able to ignore lightning that will not directly impact your operations, even when storms might seem nearby. Fully objective determination about proximity of strikes will allow you to keep business rolling more often, reduce storm related closures, and still preserve, or even increase safety during operations.

Replay Storms

All lightning data is archived for later retrieval. You will be able to reanimate storms as they actually occurred and identify to the 1/1000th of a second strikes that might have affected you. Replay an entire day, week or month, or just reanimate one particular storm. Amazing data to access, you will gain greater situational awareness surrounding storm activity than ever before and see how it is becomes possible to deduce exactly where storms are headed next.

XkyFire Maps

Zoomable and pannable, you will be able to see recent lightning activity throughout your region and right down to a specific address or coordinates. Most warning services only allow you to zoom to a very general region, but with XkyFire RealTime Lightning you will be able to see with a very high degree of accuracy where lightning has recently occurred, and from this, infer the direction storms are tracking in.

Real Time Lightning Detection for Outdoor Events Saves Lives

How close was that lightning, really? Is it time to pause the game? Suspend operations? When is it safe to resume? There is a way to know exactly when and where the last lightning strike was… Even when the strike itself was obscured by buildings or terrain! Subscribing with XkyFire, a real-time lightning detection service …

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Where did the XkyFire Lightning Service come from?

The XkyFire network is operated by Lifeskill Rescue Services, a rope-way evacuation services company based in Banff, Alberta. The ropes turn very dependably decade after decade, but, a lightning strike nearby stopped one in August 2013, and the rescue team was on the mountain until after midnight helping to sort things out. The question naturally …

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XkyFire Lightning: How it Works

If you own an AM radio, you own a lightning sensor. Lightning either transmits a signal, or leaves a signature, depending on how you look at it (or when, rather). ¬†Associated with every lightning flash there is a low frequency radio signal, the creation of a momentary electrical field, generation of a magnetic field, and …

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Dual and Tri Alerting Sites

New account types for 2021. Dual- Alert-Site and Tri-Alert-Site accounts (DASA & TASA). These are Commercial Premium XkyFire accounts designed for large scale industrial or wide area recreation operations. Airports, rail yards, port facilities, or aquatic operations around lakes and at coastal areas. The difference from the basic commercial premium accounts though is these add …

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